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Latest Events

Post-car market growth speed up the e-commerce "running forward"

Time:2017-07-21 Views:970
The market has become a new area of capital chasing after China‘s car ownership topped 172 million vehicles. In just the past 2015 years, although the whole car sales basic departed from the golden age of rapid development, into the era of micro growth of ordinary, but in the car under the big background of the society, around cars have heated open O2O markets after the war. 
According to incomplete statistics, in the second half of 2014, the market e-commerce platform has been successively raised with the focus on car washing, maintenance and spare parts business. In this regard, online trading + offline services of APP e-commerce companies have sprung up. Road tiger adopted a dozen home appliances such as car after the market. Of course, there are huge business opportunities in the automotive service sector. It is a huge gold mine, and the competition is also very cruel. 
Faced with such a large market, many enterprises began to invest heavily in the layout of the auto repair chain. According to the data, 74 per cent of companies are operating in chains, with big chains having strong growth. However, the large amount of capital invested in spare parts inventory and storefront construction has made the concentration of China‘s auto repair chain not high. At present, the domestic large-scale automobile service company after China wins, only 120 stores, and only 170 stores, dark horse, the higher maturity after the car market in the United States, large motor repair chain stores for thousands of family. 
Concentrate on expanding motor repair chain stores with many businesses, compared to electricity with the help of the Internet, in the form of light assets involved in motor repair chain, will become the domestic automobile market after a new development direction. According to forward-looking industry research institute "in 2016-2021 after China‘s auto industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report shows that in 2015 China‘s auto market (do not include the auto financing) after the size of the market will exceed 770 billion yuan, the growth rate of around 20%. According to the analysis, after the auto market in 2015, the market, especially the mobile side, was driven by the rapid development of capital. The number of active users on mobile services has risen from 78,000 in 2014 to 3952 million in 2015. 
In 2015 after the car market of electricity industry investment boom is on the rise, publicly available about electricity after the car market investment and financing of more than 100, and nearly half of the investment and financing in 1000-50 million yuan, has more than thirty percent of investment and financing is less than 10 million yuan, either in quantity or in scale is far more than 2014 years. 
One of the more than 50 million yuan after the car market 31.8% of electricity investment and financing projects for door-to-door service, 22.7% for training platform, 18.2% for maintenance service electrical contractor, and 13.6% for B2B electricity auto parts products. 
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